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Houston is ever expanding and transforming, not only in location, transportation and businesses, but most importantly population. With so many exciting events and places to visit, where to have your hair styled should be the least of one’s worry. After 40 years of serving our community on F.M. 1960, Leif’s Hair Studio will be moving locations to the Sprout’s shopping center on the corner of F.M. 2920 and Kuykendahl. Much like the city of Houston, we are renovating and improving our salon! The only thing that will remain is our dedication to providing high quality hair care service to all in Houston.

To ensure we go above and beyond for our respected guests, all of our stylists undergo a 6 month training program that covers all of the haircutting, coloring, and styling techniques we perform on a daily basis. We understand that the contemporary citizens of Houston are always looking for the newest and cutting-edge trends, so we provide our stylists with continuing education to further their knowledge and skills, as well as stay up to date with the latest techniques.

Most Houstonians look for proficiency in the business they frequent. We are a team based salon, which allows us to function more efficiently and allows us more flexibility for our respected guests. Unlike many other salons, you’ll notice our stylists helping each other in order to stay on schedule and deliver an overall better experience. We do not pay commission; not on service sales nor retail sales. This means that when one of our stylists recommends a service or product to you, it is because they truly believe it’s what’s best for the health and integrity of your hair.

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  • ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PLACE!! I've always had a hard time finding a stylist to stick with. I would always just go to Visible Changes and take whoever they gave me. But my mom convinced me to make the drive (30min) and I'm so glad she did! I will never go anywhere else

    Amber F.
    Houston, TX

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