Leif's Hair Studio Build Out

This is obviously an older piece, I have left it up so you can see how our construction progressed. 

So I just wanted to let everyone know how we doing since the move last year. It was a very big and scary undertaking and I never thought it would involve this much red tape. Everyone at Harris County Engineering Department seemed to have their hand in everything we were doing. We had to be inspected by everyone including the water district who kept us from opening our business for a week and half because we did not have drawings of our plumbing to their satisfaction. No one told me about all of these inspections so I was not prepared. 

The Harris County engineering office is really not to be believed. They absolutely put us thru the wringer trying to get permits and inspections and get an electric meter so the contractors could get started. I know it is all done for the sake of “public safety”, I don't remember doing all of this when I build out the old salon in 1980 and nothing ever happened there.

Anyway we did move ahead, got all the permits and inspections and we did open for business mid August 2016.  Every month since our opening is getting better and better and we are just thrilled to be in this location. The amount of new business that we are seeing at this location is phenomenal, I could not be happier. The new clients we are seeing are really really great and we love the neighborhood. When I read about Exxon Mobil moving to their campus south of the woodlands I knew that being closer to Exxon Mobil would help everyone who went into business in this area.

We put a small video together so you can see progress made during the construction, as you will see we did start from scratch. It was really awesome to see the all of the ideas that I had in my head come to fruition.  


Leif Christiansen
Leif’s journey started his journey in his home country of Denmark where he worked thru a four apprenticeship to learn his trade. after graduating he served his country in The Royal Danish Navy for two years. he then spend two years working as a master stylist in Denmark before immigrating to The United States in 1970. After working in the Memorial area for four years Leif opened Leif’s Hair Studio in the 1960 area and have been the driving force in the industry ever since. In August 2016 Leif moved the business to Kuykendahl and 2920 and is now operating there. Leif became a citizen in 1988 and was appointed to the Texas Cosmetology Commission by Governor Rick Perry and served the State for 3 years. Leif also holds a Texas Cosmetology Instructors License and have taught Cosmetology at The Aveda Institute Houston. Our strength at Leif’s lies in our Apprenticeship training. Every stylist goes through a rigorous training program established by Leif and continually work on Skill Certifications.