What to eat for Healthy Hair.

Ever thought about what feeds your hair? You blood stream feeds the hair follicle. That tell us that everything you eat and drink goes into your blood stream and the healthier your diet, the healthier your hair.

An easy way to get all the nutrients your hair need is to start with smoothies. I prefer the NutriBullet blender, it seem to perform better for me than any other blender I have tried. It really liquifies fruits and vegetables and extracts all the nutrients.

One of my favorites for breakfast is the Nutriblast. Here is the recipe: 

I start with one banana, then frozen strawberries, blueberries, pineapple chunks, then I add a tablespoon of chocolate flavored protein powder, A tablespoon of pumpkin seeds, a tablespoon of wheat bran and finally kale or spinach. I usually have half fruit and half dark greens. Then add water and blend. 

The kale is an acquired taste, if you have problems with it just try spinach. The dark greens are very important. 

For afternoon snacks try an apple, you remember the old saying " An apple a day.......", it really is true. Nuts and dried berries is also a great snack. Peanuts and cashews are really great for you and you should have some every day. For an evening snack have an orange, prunes, nuts, and raisins. I love the "Chilean Flame Raisins, they have a little kick to them and they are a little larger.

If you are an ice cream lover like me, try to get your taste buds used to frozen yogurt. It has a lot less calories and I know most of it has Splenda as a sweetener and I just have to live with it. 

Chocolate is my downfall and when i get the craving i use the 70% Coco (find it in the baking isle)

Give up all sodas. Not easy you say, well, the diet sodas that are full of aspartame will actually make you gain weight and destroy your health. The regular sodas is loaded with refined sugar and is very destructive to your health. Try ZEVIA sodas, it is sweetened with Stevia and nothing else harmful on their ingredients list. It is also an acquired taste but will satisfy those bubbly cravings. For a sweetener use Truvia, it is from the Stevia leaf and I have not been able to find any harmful side effect from that.

Try to get in the habit of preparing your your own food at home. You want to avoid all the preservatives and chemicals in the processed food. Chicken and fish should be on your diet every week. Beef should be occasionally and try Bison beef, it is much leaner.  Someone told me to "stay on the wall" in the grocery store and it will improve your health and I agree totally. 

Finally, don't forget to exercise.The more you get your heart rate up, the more your blood flow will feed your hair follicle and the more your hair will grow and the better it will look.


Leif Christiansen
Leif’s journey started his journey in his home country of Denmark where he worked thru a four apprenticeship to learn his trade. after graduating he served his country in The Royal Danish Navy for two years. he then spend two years working as a master stylist in Denmark before immigrating to The United States in 1970. After working in the Memorial area for four years Leif opened Leif’s Hair Studio in the 1960 area and have been the driving force in the industry ever since. In August 2016 Leif moved the business to Kuykendahl and 2920 and is now operating there. Leif became a citizen in 1988 and was appointed to the Texas Cosmetology Commission by Governor Rick Perry and served the State for 3 years. Leif also holds a Texas Cosmetology Instructors License and have taught Cosmetology at The Aveda Institute Houston. Our strength at Leif’s lies in our Apprenticeship training. Every stylist goes through a rigorous training program established by Leif and continually work on Skill Certifications.